About Gharana Foods

What We Do

With a natural talent to cook and a strong desire to bring her products to the public, Gharana Foods was established to do just this. Originally starting at home, Gharana Foods introduced just one item to the market. Chakri. After seeing a significant demand increase, we expanded our production to its current location.

Noticing a lack of quality snacks, Gharana Foods has expanded its product base to seven items: Chakri (Muruku), Jalapeno Chakri, Fast Mix, Mathi, Black Pepper Cashews, Masala Cashews, Masala Peanuts.

Our customer base has also expanded from just 2 stores in New Jersey to over 100 stores in 35 states and we are constantly looking to expand.

Chakri was the starting point of our business and to this day, it continues to be the backbone to our success. We do not sacrifice quality for quantity. And it is our promise that we will maintain the same quality and taste in all our products for years to come.